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Reality TV StarReality TV is booming! Its made stars of pawn shop owners, housewives, pickers, hairdressers, frontiersman, teen moms, moonshiners, exterminators, truck drivers, commercial fisherman, home renovators, alligator hunters, chefs, doomsday preppers, gold miners, tattoo artists, gun shop owners, bounty hunters, and fish tank builders … Just to name a few. We created to help you get in on the action…

There are 3 ways to get on TV.

1. TV Series Submissions

Be the star of your own reality TV series. Submit videos of yourself, your world, and the “characters” around you to be considered. To the best of your ability, you should edit these videos into a “sizzle reel,” which is an industry term for a presentation tape, usually 2-5 minutes in length, showcasing your show and its personalities. You can also include pictures and a description of the TV series. Your submission will go live on the site for our community to vote on. Submissions chosen by our team (generally based on popularity, salability, and our knowledge of the market) will be further developed for sale to TV and online networks. For series sold to TV or online networks, you will be paid a talent fee by the purchaser and have the opportunity to become a reality TV star.

2. Casting Submissions

Get cast in a current reality TV series. Casting directors, networks and production companies use our casting platform to cast for their current TV series. You may proactively apply for consideration to such series and your applications will include a video and written description of why you would be a great addition to the TV series. In addition, your member profile will be matched (based on sex, age, marital status, place of residence, occupation, etc.) with casting calls for automatic consideration.

3. Clip Submissions

Be part of a compilation TV show or series. Submit your video clips (home videos) to be considered for inclusion in a compilation TV show or series for sale to TV and online networks. These clips will be categorized by us and voted on by our members. Examples of such shows include History’s “Serial Killer Earth”, TruTV’s “World’s Dumbest” and ABC’s “America’s Funniest”. For TV shows and series sold to TV or online networks, we will pay you a $1,000 PER VIDEO CLIP. If your clip has been on or is posted to another website such as YouTube, that’s a-ok. The more people who view your video clip online, the better.

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