Guest Judging on Hell’s Kitchen

On a recent April episode of Hell’s Kitchen, the teams get creative when they pair spirits with food for special guest John Ratzenberger; and later, the 11 remaining contestants compete to avoid elimination during a gastropub dinner service.

As published by Kristine Francis: “Tonight’s guest host was the lovable actor John Ratzenberger. See, John was on the long running hit show “Cheers” and one of the reasons Ramsay brought in him for his expertise was because he needed someone that knew their alcohol.

The challenge required the Red and Blue teams to individually cook a dish with at least one form of alcohol. They could either choose beer, wine, liquor. But like always their dishes had to be both appetizing and inventive.

So that’s where John came in. John and maître d’ Marino helped each contestants pick out the best complimentary alcohol. Though, tonight, there was surprise awaiting everyone that no one could have predicted even on their best day. Because later during the judging, Megan messed up.”