Pixar’s “Inside Out” Premiers

inside outThis news was originally published by Eric Kain at Forbes, click here to read the entire article.

‘Inside Out’ is Something Truly Special, Even for Pixar

Inside Out is the kind of movie that usually only gets made by some small, art-house indie studio. And even then, an artsy movie anthropomorphizing our emotions made for adults would likely be a grimmer, more cloying affair. Or a snoozefest. Or maudlin and depressing like the film adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are.

Not so with Pixar. To make a movie about the emotional composition of a young girl’s brain, and to give life to those emotions, and not just life but also conflict and adventure, is sort of remarkable for a kid’s movie.

Then again, Inside Out isn’t just a kid’s movie. Just like all the best kid’s movies, and certainly all of Pixar’s best, Inside Out works just as well, if not better, for adults.

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